Jessica Volodarsky

Oh, so you like stalking? Me too.

 tldr; patient, humble, not a jerk to waiters



FOMO has driven me to become an integrated, hands-on producer who leads a project through every creative phase. I enjoy bringing structure and clarity to chaos and ambiguity, and use creative and strategic thinking to navigate the delicate relationship between the creative process, development, and a deadline.


I do my best work when I’m part of an interdisciplinary team made up of designers, developers, strategists, and weirdos chock full of passion and humor. 


I’m project manager, digital and video producer, writer, and strategist. A jack of all trades. Master of a few. But mostly I just like to get things done the best way I can, while working on projects with purpose and meaning.



Before joining ueno, I did my share of random side hustles that shaped me into a human being who is patient, humble, and not a jerk to waiters.



I like this girl. She's got chutzpah. Tell me some random stuff:

  • San Francisco native
  • Has three dogs
  • Formally trained fine artist with a knack for drawing naked people
  • Can hold her own in a debate about old Kanye vs. new Kanye 
  • Will probably impress you with her wide knowledge of spirits (the drinkable kind) 
  • Believes that rules are meant to be broken, except the five second rule, and even then...maybe