Duraflame 2017


Duraflame | Brand Content

brand & content strategy; digital and social content development; video production

role: writer, Art director, & producer

agency: teak

After partnering for the #adulting campaign in 2016, Duraflame approached Teak with a new ask: take over all the strategy and creative development for their digital and social marketing. Our response? Hell. Yes. I kicked-off our 2017 engagement as the sole producer, writer and art director, overseeing everything from media strategy & planning, concept development and scriptwriting, video production, community management, and social content creation.


Fireside Chats

Our deepest, most introspective thoughts are often had by the fire. Here are those intimate moments, musings, and words of wisdom brought to life by Mike and Piggy. I wrote and art directed the Fireside Chat series––the second half will be live in November.


Paid + Organic Content


I collaborated with strategists and planners to develop an integrated media and content strategy for our year long marketing plan––this process involved a lot of numbers and acronyms like KPI, CPM, CPC, that I'm not going to get into but you should know that I know what they mean. 


I took ownership of setting the tone, direction, and brand voice on social while always keeping our underlining strategy in mind––reminding our audience that anytime is a good time for a Duraflame fire. 

Yes, that is my hand. This website also doubles as a modeling portfolio.

Yes, that is my hand. This website also doubles as a modeling portfolio.

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Whimsy and nostalgia inspired our direction on social. We set up playful tabletop scenes that brought to life those gratuitous holidays like National Trail Mix Day or S’mores Day to remind folks that every day is worth celebrating with the help of a toasty fire. 

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We did some trendy giveaways to drum up excitement about getting #actuallylit. Our curated outdoor kits also provided some inspo for how to create your own fiery moment. 


Some infographics to remind tech addicts to log off their apps and throw a log on the fire. We had scarier tech use facts. They didn't make the cut.