JanSport | Live Outside

video, web, social, digital, print

Role: producer & writer

Agency: teak


In 2017 I got to travel to Sydney to work with JanSport and three street artists to create a huge mural. We captured the week long process from concept to creation and made a global campaign out of the journey. We created a bunch of videos, a mini-doc, 360º experiences, a landing page, and lots of photo and gif content to tell the story across JanSport properties. I was the sole producer and project manager across every creative endeavor, and did all the writing. I also wore the hat of media social strategist, and art director. I like hats.



Along side our Director of Accounts and Partner at Teak, Greg Martinez, we split up the pre-production leg work involved with shooting in Sydney. My first step was finding some Sydney artists. After tirelessly scouting the Instagram community, failed Google Hangouts and lots of negotiations, we selected our final three. I managed all the casting of "real people" for our week long shoot, preliminary location scouting, travel & visas, equipment logistics, props, client relations, and contracts & agreements.


Once we were on the ground in Sydney, I oversaw production logistics, owned our daily shoot schedule for the week, managed the artists and models on set, made sure we were getting the footage and photography we needed to feed our campaign.



After the shoot, I post-produced all the video content: 10 videos, four 360º videos, and one mini-documentary.  I ran the post schedule, reviews and approvals, client relations, music licensing, versioning and language translation. 



In 2017, we moved Live Outside's content hub from Tumblr to Working our way around a less than ideal CMS was a challenge for our developers, designers, and media team. It was a truly collaborative effort to create this playful representation of our journey in Sydney. I was part web producer, part content strategist, and oversaw everything from UX to deployment. I also wrote all the copy.

JS_2017_case_study_SM (dragged).jpg
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Since storytelling is the heart of Live Outside, we pulled inspiration for the web design, content structure, and writing from travel journals and sketch books. We used a combination of full bleed photography and grids to break up the long scrolling page, and included a sticky nav so visitors could track their progress and explore other sections effortlessly. We added CTAs everywhere so people knew what to do with themselves, and sprinkled the page with UI elements like brush strokes and beach illustrations to tie everything back to Sydney and the mural. 

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So. Much. Content.


Immediately after returning from Sydney, we dove into reviewing tens of thousands of photos and over a hundred hours of footage. Along side two designers, we narrowed down a weeks worth of photography into our hero selects that would be used across everything from social, the website, paid media, and print.


I crafted how the story was told in both words and visuals, and also managed the process of getting all our assets designed, reviewed, organized, translated, and delivered to our media team. My background as a strong project manager kept asset management for hundreds of time sensitive deliverables big and small on track and under-budget. 

Tumblr was our Live Outside 2015 and 2016 landing page. We hacked the code so we could make it do all the things we wanted it to. 

Tumblr was our Live Outside 2015 and 2016 landing page. We hacked the code so we could make it do all the things we wanted it to. 


Sometimes a mural appears overnight, a product of spontaneous creativity, in those transitional spaces like alley ways and abandoned buildings. Other times, it takes a village and months of prep, with the perfect choreography of machinery and paint and talent bringing it all together. No matter how a wall comes to life, it is owned by nobody. It belongs wholly to the community and you don’t need tickets to see it or a degree to understand it. Street art is an exploration of what happens when people, culture, and community come together to create art.